Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Colts are Taking Out Personal Ads

The Indy Star headline reports that the Colts are to delve into personal ads. I feel it is my fault. I never told Edgerrin how I felt about him. I never told him that I have an inexplicable, irrational, monstrous crush on him. [By crush I mean infatuation, not the crushing effect that his NFL body would have on my 5-foot frame.]

My friend Michelle has a crush (even more inexplicable than mine) on the idiot kicker Mike Vanderjagt. But I would advise against her telling him that, as any positive feedback might inflate his head to the point of explosion.

Although the Colts are not really taking out personal ads, their new campaign sounds like a great idea. The Star also reported today that small cities are more likely to be exploited by NFL teams.; smaller media markets leave cities with little to offer than favorable contracts and public funding. Expanding the Colts' fan base so that it is more regional might help little Indy to stand up to the big boys.

[Edgerrin, if you are reading, by "big boys" I mean sexy and muscular. I wasn't calling you fat. But I was calling Vanderjagt an idiot.]


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