Friday, October 21, 2005

Memoirs from My Trip to BMV

I was at the BMV today to renew my drivers' license, and I have a few things to relay:

1- It was about 85 degrees in there.

2- After every transaction, the employee would walk (no, more like mosey) the paperwork across the room to the cashier on behalf of the customer. How much time would be saved if the customer walked it there himself?

3- Every time an employee called a number, at least 20 seconds was wasted calling numbers that were already being helped. They were being called over and over again because whoever was helping them had not clicked up the "serving number blank" sign to the next person. When my name was called, the sign said a number 9 before mine. Then my name was called two times after I had already passed my eye test and changed my address.

4- When I asked the employee that was helping me about the heat, she told me that they keep it that warm so that nobody will complain that it is cold. She also told me that they are required to wear their navy blue sweaters at all times and that they are not allowed to drink water in front of customers.

No wonder they mosey.


Blogger torporific said...

Sounds terrible. I have to admit that I received terrific service when I went to the shelby street bmv in Indianapolis. Everyone was surprisingly very nice.

3:14 PM  

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