Tuesday, January 03, 2006

First Bushism of 2006

I cannot believe Jon Stewart missed this one...

THE PRESIDENT: I'm conscious not to be trying to substitute myself for God.

-President Bush's Visit With Troops at Brooke Army Medical Center. Jan. 1, 2006


Anonymous J. Hull said...

Liar! I'll lay $50 that King George's moral mantra is the modern acronym WWJD (What would Jesus Do?), since of course his favorite "philosopher" is Jesus Christ.

If you're conscious enough to wear the t-shirt, the wristband, or utter the phrase for political gain on a nationally televised presidential debate, you receive no free pass. You are guilty, sir, of confusing yourself with God...consciously.

I only wish non-Christians would discern the difference between this, and real Christianity. Ya know, the Christianity that demands a strict distinction between Caesar and God.

10:41 AM  

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