Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Abstinence or Mother of Ten

There is a great article by Anna Quindlen in Newsweek this week. It discusses a possible reason for the anti-abortion faction's illogical opposition to birth control and emergency contraception. Here's a hint: If you don't like abortions, and you don't like preventing pregnancy, you probably like women in typical maternal roles. As a woman who has become frustrated with the impossible choices presented by the pro-life sector (aka abstinence or mother of 10), I found this article particularly insightful.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The problem I have with comments like the ones you have left on your blog is that we act, in America, that pregnancy is an's something that just happens to you. That women, in no shape or form, do anything to get pregnant. We act like it's the flu. You get it, it's bad, you get rid of it. As a a modern day woman, I find this both insulting and demeaning. Women are better and smarter than this. When we will realize that abortion is the opposite of taking responsiblity of your own actions? If you choose to have sex, choose to to use birth control, but don't be ignorant in that pregnancy might be the result. Abortion isn't about God or about women's's about consequence and action. We like to pretend it's not. And..just to adoption not an option?? Is carrying a baby for nine months so traumatic that you just can't deal with it so they can have life? And don't bring up rape, because they say that rape is .0018 of abortions. It's a shield used by the pro-life movement for every justification. Just a thought.

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