Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Things That Should Not Presidential Business

Here are some things that 95% of Americans do not care about and that definitely do not fall under the President's job description. Not that it ever stopped him before...

Steroids in Baseball. Rafael Palmeiro testified to Congress that he had never done steroids, period. Then he was suspended for testing positive for steroids. Bush, assured of Palmeiro's innocence based on something other than scientific test results, has gone public in defense of his friend. But isn't it the White House policy not to comment on an ongoing investigation?

Intelligent Design. The only people fighting about this should be a parent or an educator of elementary-age students. Nobody else has a legitimate interest in school curriculums. I personally think that public schools should not present as fact anything that is yet unproven, which includes both big bang and intelligent design. I think public schools should teach proven facts. Mysteries should be left to college philosophy professors. But my opinion does not matter, because I do not have children and I do not teach science in 1st-12th grade. Since the President's children are in college and are probably learning more about beer bongs than about the origins of life, he should let other people fight it out.

Things that I suggest the President concentrate on include but are not limited to:
Ongoing torture in Iraq, ongoing deaths in Iraq, lack of progress in Iraq, criminal White House leaks, record-breaking budget deficit, and people dying from FDA-approved pharmaceuticals (as opposed to illegal steroids).

But I'm sure the soldiers in Iraq who have to steal vehicles because the government does not provide them would appreciate their Commander-in-Chief's attention to an individual steroid investigation in a professional sports league.


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