Friday, July 22, 2005

RV1 Under "Partisan Attack"

Governor Daniels has used his ethically questionable RV for an ethically questionable purpose. He drove it to a Republican fundraiser and offered tours to attendees (who paid $25/head to be there). The RV, labeled by Daniels himself as "state property," was used to attract people to an event and raise money for a political party.

Indiana Democrats, who are much more forgiving than me, have overlooked the acceptance of the RV for months without crying foul. They bought the argument that "RV 1" was state property just as Air Force 1 is federal property (even though Air Force 1 was not donated by an aeronautics company while the company was lobbying for a tax break). But just as the use of Air Force 1 for partisan, campaign purposes is unethical, so it the equivalent use of RV 1. And Democrats have finally lost their patience and pointed out the ethical violation. My Man Mitch's response? Accusing Democrats of a “partisan cheap shot”.

This all-too-Republican defense strategy (accuse the accusing party of partisanship) worked for Tom Delay in his ethics probe, and is currently being used for Karl Rove, so why shouldn't is suffice for My Man Mitch?

Well, because the defense is a logical fallacy. The Republicans are telling you, "I cannot be guilty of this because the person accusing me does not like me." Actions are actions, and they do not change based on who is bringing the actions to light. Is a person not guilty of a crime he committed simply because the accuser dislikes him? If I get clocked at 83 mph in a 55 zone, is my ticket voided if I claim that the cop is a chauvenist? Are Mitch's actions ethical so long as only Democrats point the finger?

The answer is no. But unfortunately, the majority of Americans and Hoosiers do not see it that way. Nevertheless, ethics and actions are finite, and not a matter of opinion or debate. Tell My Man Mitch to keep RV 1 at the Statehouse unless he is on nonpartisan state business.


Blogger Craig said...

I think the use of Air Force One is just one of those advantages to being president. That's how you get around. I don't expect Bush to fly commercial just because he's going to a campaign stop. But like you said, AF1 wasn't donated by a company in a transparent attempt to curry favor with elected officials. Mitch is Gov now and it's high time he parked RV1.

4:42 PM  

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