Monday, November 21, 2005

Et Tu, Murtha

Vice President Cheney has begun his attacks Congressman Murtha, a decorated Marine combat veteran, following the Congressman's suggestion that we move troops out of Iraq as quickly as is practical. (He did not actually suggest immediate withdrawal, although that is how it is being spun.)

Once, just once, I would like to hear the White House offer a valid response to criticism instead of going immediately into Karl-Rovian attack mode.

Very soon, the “Marine Combat Veterans for Truth” will appear and collectively claim that Congressman Murtha received his Purple Hearts from paper-cuts and that, in fact, he sent a stunt double to Vietnam rather than going himself.

The group will be funded by Tom Delay’s PAC and advertising will be paid for with illegal donations from Halliburton and Exxon.


Blogger Marie said...

Very good!!! I think they'll be very careful about going after Murtha. The public is losing patience with the Bush administration and they know it.

keep posting and I'll keep checking!!!

best wishes marie

8:13 PM  

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