Thursday, December 01, 2005

The Way of the Future...Jesus Does not Run Our Legislature

George Will seems to think that Indiana politics is the way of the future.

In this case, he is right. The ICLU won its lawsuit against House Speaker Brian Bosma in the issue of whether or not each House Session could begin with a specifically Christian prayer.

And that is a very good thing.

When the beginning of session begins with a prayer that thanks Jesus for the work of the legislature and prays in Jesus’ name that the work of the day be acceptable in the Lord’s eyes…that implies nothing but a Christian mandate on the work of the legislature.

Legislators, who are meant to be a secular group, should begin their sessions by reading the bills placed in front of them (which they don't), or by debating the merits of various ideas (which they don't)…not by thanking Jesus for their election. Their gratitude should be to their constituents…not to Jesus.

Our courts were successful in conveying this message: Jesus is not the official sponsor of the Indiana House of Representatives.

This is a wonderful development for our state, despite what you hear from the typical Christian activist who says that Jesus is the key to morality. Morality is much more than the Christian political activist ala James Dobson believes. And any legislator who wishes to govern by his religious beliefs should not require daily prayer to remind him of what his religious beliefs are.

If George Will is correct, and Indiana is the future of politics, then I feel better already about the course of the country in this bitter and all-too-ridiculous “culture war.”

If Indiana succeeds in taking its legislature to a plane of religious tolerance, what state can fail?


Blogger OLD YELLER said...

Anytime state legislators are in session we all better start praying.

I like to look at the bills filed by some of these people, I don't think praying would help them.

11:20 AM  

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