Monday, January 23, 2006

Do Not Believe Everything You See on TV

The cable-company-sponsored advertisements advocating against SB 245 (telecom reform) states that the bill will raise taxes.

A bill will not raise taxes unless it contains language that explicitly raises taxes. [The only way the state can “implicitly” raise taxes is to increase the cost of a mandate that is funded by property taxes, which increase depending on expenditures.] This bill does not explicitly raise taxes and imposes no burdensome local mandates.

But there is more…

The ad also states that the bill would allow companies to provide telecom services only to the rich. Check out this excerpt from the bill:

“a provider [of telecom services] may not deny access to video service to any group of potential residential subscribers based on the income level of the residents in the local area in which the group resides.”

So there you go. Don’t believe everything you see on tv.


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