Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Pulling Out is only Effective When Combined with Other Efforts

Two comments about the Israeli pullout from Gaza:

1. Neither Hamas nor any other terrorist organization can take credit for the pullout. The pullout is an effort by Ariel Sharon to put an end to the stalemate between Israel-Palestine conflict. Israelis and Israelis alone may take credit for the pullout, because THEY are the ones sacrificing their land and homes for the sake of peace. And since Israel made the initial move, it is upon Palestine to do the same. Sharon has scratched their backs, and now it is their turn to scratch his. Let Hamas members sacrifice something for the sake of peace. Let Hamas members swallow their pride and make a compromise. Let Hamas members do something other than blow people up. Then they may take credit for something. At this point, they may take credit only for the deaths of innocent civilians.

2. Nobody should complain about the $2.2 billion of taxpayer money that will go to support the peace efforts of our only existing democratic ally in the Middle East. Currently, the same American taxpayers have paid $187 billion to create a democratic Iraq that may or may not be our ally. [Just to put that in perspective, the Israel aid is $7.69 per capita and the Iraq cost is $653.84 per capita.] Besides, democracy or not, countries should be rewarded for peace efforts. If Palestine makes a corresponding effort for peace, the U.S. should reward Palestine with aid. Since Israeli citizens have left their homes for peace, they should receive U.S. aid for new homes. If I were able to singlehandedly go over there and solve the conflict, I would expect a handsome sum of money for my efforts. And so on and so forth...


Blogger Ron L. said...

Very well said. I enjoy your blog,been checking it every day(along with many others).
Great subject matter !

9:00 AM  
Blogger Jezebella said...

Thanks so much!

10:49 AM  

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