Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Increases in the Fetus Tax

If Republicans care so much about fetuses and the unborn, why do their leaders keep raising the unborns’ taxes in order to pay for an elective war, massive pork, hurricane relief and tax cuts for their campaign contributors?

Stephen Moore of WSJ elaborates on how Republicans have departed from their core value of fiscal responsibility and amassed a record deficit to be paid by future generations once Bush and Cheney are six feet under.

With the President vowing to spend $200 billion on relief (while simultaneously spending $200 billion on Iraq and increasing federal spending by 37%), he could still adhere to his party’s core principles of fiscal responsibility and his own campaign promises of reducing the deficit by reversing the tax cuts enacted by his administration. His Treasury Secretary commented that tax cut permanency may be “postponed,” but that it still remains on the top of the agenda. Tom Delay remarked that retracting the tax cuts “is raising taxes and I just stated that’s not an option…Raising taxes would be the worst thing to do in this situation.”

Republican leaders may not care about deficits, but they sure are opposed to their own bank balances going down.

Others from both parties have proposed cutting spending across-the-board by 2.5%, postponing the Medicare Prescription Benefit one year, or trimming the transportation bill by cutting out the pork (e.g. a new parking garage to replace the surface lot at the Indianapolis Children’s Museum). Which measure does the party of fiscal conservancy choose?

None. No budget-balancing measure has even made it to the floor.

Republicans are content to use the national credit card to finance pet projects for their constituencies, to rebuild two foreign countries and a portion of our own, to cure poverty, to go to the Moon and Mars, and to permanently reduce the taxes paid by the wealthiest 1% of Americans. On top of all the credit card purchases, they would like some cash back.

And they are content to pass the national credit card bill to the yet-unborn whose “rights” they fight tirelessly to protect.


Anonymous Keith said...

Let's be honest,
neither the Dems or the Repubs are able to control themselves with our money.

11:22 PM  
Blogger Jezebella said...

That's true. But at least the Dems made a tradeoff between lowering taxes and increasing spending. These Republicans are having their cake and eating it too and passing the buck to future generations (and passing the political culpability to future Presidents and Congresses).

11:04 AM  

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