Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Fat and Getting Fatter

This is old news, but I have been meaning to comment since I heard it.

Indianapolis has been ranked the 13th fattest city in America by the annual Men's Fitness Magazine survey.

Last year, we were ranked 17th, so I added a link to the Fast-Food Calorie Counter at Chowbaby.com. My hope was that people would do research and discover that the Hardee's Six Dollar Burger that was voted "Best Burger in Indianapolis" contains 120% of the fat you should eat in a whole day. Add a medium fry and you have used up 1580 of your 2000 daily calories on one meal. For example.

This year, in honor of our newest ranking, I have added a link to the Indy Greenways website. Since we continue to flock to Hardees and double our appropriate caloric intake, maybe the solution is to work off some of that grease. A 200-pound man will burn 416 calories by walking for one hour. [To calculate calories burned for other weights/times, go here.] Walking is free, easy, and effective, plus you can take in some nature and sunshine while you're at it!

So find a trail near you and start sweating out those Thickburgers. Please. Before our collective weight pushes Indy below sea level.

Update: It looks like the Chowbaby site is not working. I do not know if this is temporary or permanent. In the meantime, there is another calorie-counter here.


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