Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Drinking on the Canal - No Need for a Brown Paper Bag

Atlantic City has the famous Boardwalk. Chicago has Navy Pier. Los Angeles has the Santa Monica Promenade. Now Indy will have its own waterfront tourist district, taking it one step closer to being a true world-class city.

The City-County Council of Indianapolis voted last night to create a Riverfront Devleopment Project along the downtown canal. This means that new restaurants could obtain off-quota (read: cheap) liquor licenses which would likely jump-start development of the area.

I could not be more thrilled. The canal is a beautiful area nestled in the heart of downtown. But currently, there is little to do there besides walk or take a gondola ride. Both are dependent on good weather, and the latter is pretty costly for one hour of entertainment. The canal district has the feel of a nature park--enjoy an afternoon stroll, but please kindly leave at sunset.

Restaurants, bars and shops along the canal would create a welcoming atmosphere for a different type of clientele - people who shop, eat, drink, and listen to music. You know, regular people.

Imagine walking along the canal in the late afternoon, stopping every now and then in a store to check out some art or a cute little sundress in a store window. Or, if you have testicles, ducking into a fine cigar shop and grabbing one to enjoy in the open air. Then as the sun sets, enjoying a nice dinner on a patio overlooking the water, which is painted with the colors of the sunset. Then, as darkness fades, sipping a glass of merlot at an open-air bar with candlelight from the tables reflecting off the mirrored water.

It could almost pass for Europe. Europe with fried pork tenderloins and freedom fries.

We just need some brave enterpreneurs to have the courage to open a restaurant in one of Indy's most beautiful areas. Sounds like a no-brainer to me.


Blogger Obob said...

think of it as another selling point to attract more conventions downtown.

10:50 PM  

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