Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Spector, et al v. Bush, et al.

Sen. Arlan Spector (R-Pennsylvania)wants to sue the President and is preparing a bill that would bring suit against him in federal court. Here are the basics. (Imagine the opening music to the Judge Judy show)...

The Complaint: That the President attached at least 750 signing statements to legislation passed by Congress; these signing statements are unconstitutional.

The Evidence: The signing statements are public record.

The Legal Argument: The signing statements are unconstitutional because the President sidesteps his constitutional duty to respond to legislation by signing it, vetoing it, or doing nothing. Further, Congress cannot override a signing statement as it can a veto, so it damages the separation of powers that the framers intended. (An ABA task force released these conclusions yesterday).

The Defense (or the Spin, at least): “A great many of those signing statements may have little statements about questions about constitutionality. It never says, 'We’re not going to enact the law.'” --Tony Snow

(Note: No mention of the few that are not included in the "great many.")

Sen. Spector still has to get the bill passed in order for suit to be filed. In the meantime, expect the President to start recycling rhetoric on frivolous lawsuits.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mitt's efforts in Indiana need CPR...campaign staff have had problems collecting enough signatures for the 2008 primary....

Romney Campaign Staff have traveled to the 8th & 6th congressional districts to collect enough signatures...

Mitt may be feeling a backlash from Indiana's typically conservative voters and their reluctance to support a candidate who continues to morph on his values.

2:41 PM  

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