Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Hoosier Parties on Hoosier Issues

Thanks to Mitch Harper and John Good, I now have copies of the Indiana Republican and Democrat Platforms. Not that they were published. Apparently the only way to find out what the parties stand for is to send spies into their conventions.

So what do they stand for? Well, a lot, frankly. More than I wish to cover here.

So in an act of clear journalistic bias and intellectual egocentrism, I will only discuss the parties’ positions on the issues I find important. The parties' positions are verbatim from the party platforms.

[My notes will appear in italics]


Dems: Indiana--Not for Sale.
GOP: The Party of Purpose.

1. Preventative Health Care for the Uninsured

Dems: The Indiana Democratic Party supports a plan that will give small businesses and individuals the opportunity to secure much needed health care coverage. This plan would create a new group insurance pool in which individuals and businesses could purchase health coverage through the state at a reduced rate.

GOP: We endorse market-based solutions that increase consumer choice, decrease costs, and removes barriers between Hoosiers and the miracles of modern medicine…We also recognize that improving personal health requires personal responsibility…Indiana Republicans urge Hoosier to participate [in INshape Indiana].

[Jezebella’s Note: There are two typos in the GOP text…Can you find them?]

2. Sexual Rights

Dems: (On Sex Ed) We advocate prevention and education programs that teach Hoosiers age-appropriate sex education that will stress the benefits of abstinence as well as provide the medically accurate facts needed to protect themselves and others.

(On Gay Rights) Indiana Democrats strongly oppose the restriction of opportunities to Hoosiers based on their gender, ethnicity…..sexual orientation, gender identity or economic background.

[Jezebella’s Note: It is unclear whether the term “opportunities” includes the opportunity to marry, to hold certain jobs, to have visitation rights, etc. “Opportunities” could mean anything…so check the voting records on this one.]

GOP: Silent. At least as far as increasing rights goes.

[Jezebella’s Note: The GOP platform omits sexual orientation and gender identity from the list of protected minorities who can participate in “government, in the Republican Party, and in the pursuit of economic success.” It also states that “childbirth is preferred, encouraged, and supported over abortion” and that they “support the millennia old concept of marriage as a union between a woman and a man.” Of course, none of that should surprise you. If it does, you do not regularly read this blog.]

3. Developing Indiana’s Ethanol Industry.

Dems: Silent.

GOP: (Excerpts) We advocate the maximum use of sources of energy that are available in Indiana, and renewable to reduce our reliance on foreign sources of oil.

We commend [ourselves] for attracting the largest U.S. biodiesel plant near Claypool, IN…for passing legislation to provide incentives for the production and use of Indiana grain-based fuels, to promote the utilization for alternative fuels, and to establish a retail tax credit [for] E85 sold by merchants…

We support the Governor’s goal for Indiana to reach a combined production level of one billion gallons of ethanol and biodiesel annually.

4. Education Funding

Dems: We believe that fully funding education today is the only way we can ensure our children’s success tomorrow. Providing schools with the resources and tools they need to prepare students for the future is imperative, and we never have and never will abandon our education system.

[Jezebella’s Note: This actually is the most specific statement about K-12 education funding. And I have no idea what it means].

GOP: [We support] school finance laws that provide flexibility to local school districts and allow districts, based on local circumstances, to focus maximum resources on education programs, including shared purchases and services.

[Jezebella’s Note: The Republicans have 12 distinct points about K-12 education, including early literacy programs, highly qualified teachers, higher graduation rates, etc. The above point is the only provision which includes a way to pay for it.]

5. Jobs

Dems: (Excerpts) “Closing deals” with prospective Hoosier employers does not mean a thing if Indiana does not see results in job creation…Any news of new jobs coming to Indiana is great news…We welcome any company to our state that wants to put more Hoosiers to work…We support increased assistance for job training, workforce development and job creation programs in targeted economic sectors…We support trade agreements that are fair and include labor and environmental protections.

GOP: We support efforts to create a pro-growth environment in Indiana that is attractive to new businesses and maximum job opportunities…[We support Governor’s Daniels’] plan, called “Accelerating Growth”, with 37 specific initiatives to attract new employers, stimulate innovation, and improve our talent base.

6. Compromise and Bipartisanship

Dems: We believe in bipartisanship and working with those across the aisle to do what’s right for all Hoosiers.

[Jezebella’s Note: I’ll believe that when I see it!]

GOP: Silent.


Anonymous The Hoosier Schoolmaster said...

First one regarding the typos.

Should be solutions...remove. Not "removes."

The second typo is the singular "Hoosier" when they mean the plural "Hoosiers."

8:24 PM  
Blogger Jezebella said...

Very good. Your grade/high school English teacher would be proud!

8:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In the context of Point 1, the preferred word is "Preventive," not "prevenTAtive." Check the AP Stylebook, Webster's Collegiate, etc...the extra "TA" is a Hoosierism that needs to go away...quickly ("pooosh" instead of "push", et al) On the other hand, if you listen to the podiums at the House, you hear this butchering of English all the time.

Good points Jez is sharp.

4:54 PM  
Blogger Jezebella said...

Thanks...I never realized that was not the word. I feel as embarrassed as George Bush will feel when someone finally tells him it's pronounced "nook-lee-er" not "nook-yoo-ler".

9:31 AM  

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