Wednesday, May 11, 2005

More Gubernatorial Misconduct

Mitch Daniels has been skirting campaign finance laws and has created his own nonprofit slush fund to do his bidding for him. The Star’s report is a must-read. To summarize, Gov. Daniels solicited monetary gifts for “inauguration and transition” from community businesses such as the Colts and Eli Lilly. He received $820,000. Everything he didn’t spend on inauguration went to form Aiming Higher, a nonprofit group run by the Governor’s men. The excess money was used for things such as radio commercials featuring the Governor and public opinion polls on daylight savings time taken in districts with on-the-fence legislators. Not surprisingly, the polls showed support for the measure.

So “My Man Mitch” does not believe the rules should apply to him. Last time I was saddened, but not surprised. This time, I am just plain angry.


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