Thursday, February 23, 2006

Iraqi War on Mosques

Indescribable violence has erupted in Iraq, such that it has earned the names 'civil war' and 'War on Mosques'. Violence such that I cannot describe it in plain speech. Artists, when faced with similar speechlessness, paint a picture or compose a symphony. As an economist, numbers are my watercolors. Here is my masterpiece, entitled "Iraq-by the numbers."

--48 hours
--129 dead
--47 workers killed in one checkpoint stop
--168 mosques attacked
--10 imams murdered
--15 more imams abducted


--136,065 'trained and equipped' Iraqi troops, whose peacekeeping weapons are available for war


--15,000 Iraqi insurgents killed
--30,000 Iraqi innocent civilians killed


--135,000 American soldiers in danger
--135,000 American families at home frightened for their loved ones


--3 sects of Muslims in Iraq, who hate America
--3 sects of Muslims in Iraq, who hate each other


--Endless days of violence


--Zero things that I can do about it.


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