Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The Line of Conservatism Republicans Won't Cross

I sometimes think that there is no end to the Indiana Republican Legislature’s desire to bring us back to the social standards of 1917. Apparently, even Brian Bosma has his breaking point.

Bosma shut down business when Rep. Jeff Thompson (left) introduced a surprise amendment which would have stripped local governments of their power to pass anti-bias ordinances, according to the Indy Star report.

Thompson meant for the amendment to respond to Indianapolis’s recent addition of sexual preference to the list of things upon which you cannot discriminate. But his amendment would have actually nullified all city ordinances that prevent discrimination of any kind, including that based on religion, race and gender.

Thompson was only trying to be a homophobe, but in doing so became a racist, chauvinist homophobe who does not support religious tolerance.

And even the conservative Indiana House Republicans, who want to legalize prayer in public schools and outlaw abortion and sodomy, were not willing to go that far.

Thank goodness.


Blogger Jason266 said...

Republicans with scrupples...that's funny!

Best ever move by Bosma.

1:36 PM  

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