Thursday, February 09, 2006

When Your Social Security Proposal Stinks So Badly That Nobody Supports It...

Here is how you get it done despite widespread opposition.

1. Interrupt prime time television and give a speech in which you ask for a bipartisan study of the social security (presumably to come up with a more widely accepted plan) and allude that you are putting the issue on the backburner.

2. One week later, stick it in the budget bill without mentioning to anyone that you are doing so.

3. Undershoot the costs in order to ram the legislation through.

Because when a Republican-led House, Republican-led Senate, and a vast majority of red-state citizens oppose your plan, that should not be taken as a cue to give up or improve the plan. It is simply a sign that the House, Senate and American people do not know what is good for them and need to be bamboozled into a new social security system. And the best way to bamboozle? Stick the plan into a bill that by statute must be passed in one form or another.

This is a technique he learned from Rep. Ted "Bridge to Nowhere" Stevens who inserted the ANWR drilling provision into the defense appropriations bill, thereby holding lawmakers to the tough decision to either vote FOR the drilling or AGAINST the troops. Fortunately, the Senate did not fall for that. Let's hope they do not fall for this either.

For a President who was so proud of his 51% election victory "mandate," he certainly has an interesting take on the will of the American people now. As it turns out, when a majority of Americans hold a similar opinion, it is only relevant if the opinion happens to be that of King George. Otherwise, not so much.


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If you're as cute as the image might suggest, I'll leave the politics at the door and buy you a shrimp cocktail and glass of wine at St Elmo's. :-)

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