Monday, June 19, 2006

Bigger Problems than Mr. Belding

Only in the carefree, prosperous 90's could a sitcom like Saved by the Bell thrive. The show exhibited an almost eerie optimism and simplicity. The sports teams always won, nerds could hang out with cheerleaders at the burger joint, and the class clown could use his ridiculously oversized cell phone to get himself out of detention and play consequence-free pranks on teachers and nerds.

The story of Zack, Kelly and the gang is a perfect allegory for America in the 90's. Unfortunately, their fate after the end of the show (and the decade) is an equally fitting allegory for America after the Republicans took control of the country.

Even the brainiest among us were hurt by the trickle-down policies of America's wealthy elite and their puppet government. I wonder if Zack has a scheme to get us out of trouble this time.


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