Tuesday, June 13, 2006

A New Perspective on Gays and Straight Marriage

It is not often that I read anything on Expresso that isn't Bible-touting xenophobic homophobic drivel...but today I read the following novel argument about gays and lesbians threatening marriage:

"Before, gays married straights and led a double life. That was the real threat to marriage and many of those marriages failed."

That is to say, better for your marriage to have two out-and-married gay people being intimate next door to you than to have one closet gay person -- your spouse -- being intimate in your bed while you are at work.


Blogger jc indyin said...

But in straight relationships that goes on whether the other spouse is homosexual or not. It is just that in the gay-straight alliance that would go on too. and some sitll do the Bi- straight marriages do too. So logically speaking it is far better to allow marriages of those sexual orientations that match ( Same sex coouples, heterosexuals, bi sexuals, etc.) to those of the same who want to commit to each other legally.

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