Thursday, June 22, 2006

Jezebella's "Top 6 in '06" (bullet-point and slogan edition)

[Note: Original Post with Elaboration Below]

1. Energy Independence through Renewable Resources.
Slogan: Put Made-in-America on our gas pumps.

2. Fiscal Discipline
Slogan: Repeal the unborn-baby tax.

3. De-Militarization of the War on Terror
Slogan: Fight terrorists, not nations.
Slogan 2: Guns do not end Terror. Courage ends Terror.

4. Outside-the-Box Worker Protection.
Slogan: A good economy is an economy that is good for everyone.

5. Social Equality.
Slogan: Stop writing bigotry into the law.

6. Ridding Washington of the “Culture of Corruption.”
Slogan: Rid Washington of the Conservative Culture of Corruption.


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